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Revive Thailand Ministries (RTM) held its first meeting on Tuesday the 5th of August 2008 at the Bangkok Christian Guesthouse in Bangkok Thailand. Since then the focus of RTM has been to provide a place of worship, fellowship and encouragement; to Thais, Internationals, Pakistanis, Indians, and Middle Eastern people. RTM has seen many lives impacted and there have been many salvations from various nationalities. People have been healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit, with some going on to pioneer their own churches and others have moved to other nations to serve the Lord there. Over 100 people have also been baptised. RTM has also been involved in spreading the love of God in schools and on the street, and has also joined with other churches and para-church organisations to host seminars and training. There has been an influx of Urdu and Hindi speaking people in Bangkok following intense persecution in other Asian countries. On Saturday the 23rd of March 2013, RTM established a new church this people group marking the first registered church in Urdu in the history of the church in Thailand! Since then RTM has focussed on these people, the majority of whom are Asylum seekers, ensuring that they are discipled and are growing in their faith. Click here to read our confession of faith

history_group   history_meeting Original meetings of Revive Thailand in 2008


Mark-FelicityGod had a calling on the life of Ps Mark from a very young age. Though born into a non-believing family in Pakistan, he had a powerful encounter with God at a crusade when he was 13 and gave his life to Jesus. Two years later he preached his first sermon on repentance at the age of 15 and then when he was 16, arranged a crusade in Sahiwal, Pakistan with over 5000 people coming during the 3 days. Mark studied with the Victory Bible College Thailand and was subsequently ordained as a pastor under the LAMP Fellowship of Pakistan. Mark moved to Thailand in 2007 after being called by the Lord to minister there and founded Revive Thailand Ministries in 2008. Mark and Felicity met in Bangkok and were married in 2014.


Revive Thailand Ministries operates with the following governance team.

Governance Committee

Ps Mark

Mr Ariel Blumenthal

Mr Robert Perrett