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Providing refugee children with quality home school education


Learning is funCurrently persecution against Christians in Pakistan has increased greatly; many are fleeing for their lives, having had threats of violence and death if they continue to preach the Gospel or attend churches there. Since 2010 asylum seekers from Pakistan have been entering Thailand and there are now 3-5000 asylum seekers/refugees living in Bangkok, and this number is still increasing. Initially people come to Thailand on a tourist visa or no visa at all as asylum seekers; they have no legal status and are at the mercy of whomever. They then apply with the UNHCR for refugee status; a process that takes 3-5 years for their cases to be heard and processed. When this is granted they then have to wait another year for the UN to make arrangements for their move to their adoptive countries. As you can see, this time of transition in Bangkok can take years. Families are often hiding in small cramped apartment rooms, unable to work, so are without income. They live with fear, discouragement and depression. Often there are small children and babies as well, for them; there is no schooling, and limited health services.


Daily prayersMany of these families are attending the church started by Revive Ministries Thailand and their many needs are very apparent. As relationships deepened, God placed the need of schooling on the heart of Ps Mark and Felicity. While in Pakistan these children were all attending school however now in Thailand they no longer have this opportunity. The language and their legal status excludes them from government schools and the International schools are too expensive. Yet at this point in their childhood development it is so critical that they are able to continue their education. Already most children have been out of school for the last 2 years and have many gaps in their learning, but they will remain in Thailand for 3-5 years and will have significant disadvantages in the future if their education is on hold during this entire time.


A survey was conducted among the families first and then in September 2015 a home school program was started with 7 students in a spare room in a house. Ps Mark and Felicity have taken up this challenge and are creating a joyful learning environment where the children can learn and catch up on lost years of learning. Growth has already been seen in all areas of the children’s lives; while they are academically growing and starting to achieve higher levels in their school work, there have also been wonderful results in their spiritual walk with God as they all have given their lives to God, been filled with the Holy Spirit and are starting to learn how to hear the voice of God.


Now many other families have been asking to join the Revive Homeschool program, but because of a lack of resources further admission is not yet possible. The home school program has so far been operating on the personal finances of those close to RTM, thus limiting the reach and impact. We are now urgently looking for additional partners to work with us to help many more children. It is the desire and vision of RTM to touch the lives of many more children and give them this vital step up for their future.


Mrs Felicity Braid is the current director of the Revive Home Schooling Program. Felicity has extensive experience in teaching at various international schools both here in Thailand and Burma.


Right now we are believing God for the resources to setup an additional classroom so we can accept a total of 30 children (15 in each class). Your financial partnership with us today will allow expansion into a separate building and hiring another Christian teacher for the second class. The estimated budget for this project is $2500 US per month, or $83 per student.