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Currently persecution against Christians in Pakistan has increased greatly; many are fleeing for their lives, having had threats of violence and death if they continue to preach the Gospel or attend churches there. Since 2010 asylum seekers from Pakistan have been entering Thailand and there are now 3-5000 asylum seekers/refugees living in Bangkok, and this number is still increasing. Initially people come to Thailand on a tourist visa or no visa at all as asylum seekers; they have no legal status and are at the mercy of whomever. They then apply with the UNHCR for refugee status; a process that takes 3-5 years for their cases to be heard and processed. When this is granted they then have to wait another year for the UN to make arrangements for their move to their adoptive countries.

During this process, most are unable to meet the requirements to retain a valid visa to stay in Thailand and thus remain illegally in the country while they are processed by the UNHCR. When staying illegally they are at risk of being arrested and placed into the Immigration Detention Centre where they are held until they either a) can pay the fine and then leave the country, or b) post bail which gives them 2 years grace to stay in the Thailand without further arrest. This reality means that most stay out of public most of the time, and work is very difficult to find. It is not easy to stay in Thailand illegally without the ability to work.

For the past couple of years while running the church and working among these people, RTM has for the most part been unable to widely address any of their financial needs. 

We need your financial partnership to help us help those in great need. Everyone has different needs and some needs are more urgent than others. RTM has been pastoring and walking with these people for over 2 years now and is quite familiar with both community and individual needs. Aid is always directed to those most in need using wisdom and discernment to avoid wasting resources.

Visitations to the IDC

Revive Ministries Thailand have in the past been quite busy working with those inside the Immigration Detention Center, as many refugee families had been arrested and put inside the centre, because of this revive has been able to step up and help those with needs inside. During February 2015 the RTM team went Monday to Friday, giving food, fruit, sanitation needs, encouragement and support. Prayer was a huge daily need for these people and Pastor Mark prayed daily for those inside. Now that many of the families have been released RTM still visits those inside as required.

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Social Services

Including but not limited to:

  • Finding accommodation and paying rental fees.
  • Food purchase and distribution to needy families.
  • Purchase of medical supplies and hospital fees.
  • Repatriating the bodies of those who have died while waiting in Bangkok.

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